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posted September 21st, 2022

As Al Cisneros continues to move through the dub zone, a journey over a decade in length, his music and production continue to evolve and deepen. The sinew of the bass strings sets the pocket with ever-focused raw and relentless drive, while on the version, the mixing desk becomes it’s own instrument.

With a multi-segmented bass melody, the rhythm section on "Suicide of Judas" b/w "Akeldama" lays out an elaborate series of movements... (read more)

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posted September 20th, 2022

Leaning into discomfort and uncertainty to cement an impression of beauty, Bill Nace is always prepared to play a hole card and take a seismic step forward. With his forthcoming album, he's built the process of recording into a greater compositional adventure. Using every element of the performance, from the sound coming through the amp to the sound of the amp itself, Bill's phrases talk to and obliterate each other, via loops and improvisations, expanding and emerging into unheard vistas throughout the album Through a Room. ... (read more)

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posted September 12th, 2022

Bill Callahan would like to remake your acquaintance in the new YTI⅃AƎЯ. Right out the gate, he’s standing in two places at once: meeting up with old friends behind the scenes before encountering them on the record, finding himself coming round the bend and then again as someone else on down the line. Like the character actor he played on Gold Record, writing stories about other people, telling jokes about everyone, and in singing them, becoming the songs.

The first preview of ... (read more)

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posted September 9th, 2022

When it comes to solid-gold indie rock hits circa 2022, we're approaching critical Mess! As Mess Esque continue on their tour of the UK and Europe, with a solo show at Cafe Oto in London tonight, they now reveal ANOTHER new single! Scraped delicately from the embers of internal passions and rendered as music in their separate studios. Mess Esque clearly desire to share some space in our souls: “Liminal Space”!

As already established by the last month's "Amour your Amor" single, the... (read more)

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